Youth ProgramThe Adora-Bull Terrier youth program was initiated in 2015 and is open to youngers between the ages of 16 and 18 only.

View our gallery as our bulls enjoy the time with the youngsters.

Why volunteer?

It’s fun.

You get to meet a lot of new and great people, who do not only love the power breed but love animals in general.

Our rescues desperately need some cuddles, if you have any to give for free.

You, as the future of tomorrow, will make a difference!

What do I have to do?

Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue & Rehabilitation love spending time with the Bull Terriers in our care.   We do not believe in euthanizing the breed and this has become a huge part of who we are and what we stand for.  Our Bull Terriers get to play in exercise runs but they are always happy to see the volunteers who walk them, play with them, groom them and provide extra tender loving care.

As a youth volunteer,you will go through a small introductory course during your first visit and this is done by the owner and founder of Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue herself, Dania Skone. The introductory course will include a tour of our small facility, kennels and how each Bull Terrier ended up in the kennel.  Dania will also take you through the rules, and also the yes and no’s and basic 101 training.

Once you ready for your first walk with a rescue Bullie, you will be accompanied by staff the entire time.  From the moment we leash the Bull Terrier in the kennel until the moment he/she returns to the kennel.  At any given time if a youngster feel uncomfortable with any of our rescues, he/she will be assisted or advised to take another.

You can choose to physically interact with the Bull Terrier or walk our dogs in the designated areas. We even encourage our youngsters to join our adult fundraising team and arrange school events, competitions or awareness campaigns.

Please take note:

We never share the location of our kennels on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA.  The security of our dogs are essential and once you’ve shown keen interest to meet with us, we will send you directions personally.

Youth programs are only on weekends: Saturdays and Sundays 08h00 (am) – 11h00 (am).

Dress Code:

Please dress comfortably.  Our Bull Terriers love physical interaction and tend to leave a paw print or two.  Old takkies and track suit pants work best.  For the summers, take out the sunscreen and bring along a hat.  For winters consider a light but warm jacket and beanie.

Our walking trail is on a open strip of land and the path for you and the dogs is marked off clearly. We have the occasional curious meercat visit and lots of sheep and cows wandering around.


How do I join:

To become a youth volunteer, we ask that you do the following:

Fill out a Youth Volunteer Application, which must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Send your application to

For more detail you can contact: Rochelle on +27 72 5422 943