Volunteer Bully Wash Team Building – 24 October 2015

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Dear visitor,

If you just clicked on our volunteer page and consider joining this mad group of people at Adora-Bull Terrier make pretty sure you read through this entire page.

You do realize that we a bull breed registered NPO? We really do need you to understand this clearly. If you scared you going break a nail, mess up your makeup, get dirty, tear your shoe’s then you might want to consider looking at some of the smaller bread rescues we support.

Bull Terriers are boisterous, they are the clowns of the K9 community and they strong. They can come across as scary and vicious but at heart they huge pups. At Adora-Bull we work hands-on with the dogs and get down and dirty if need be.

Still readying?   Not bad, lets push further.

Adora-Bull’s “head office” so to speak is situated in Gauteng, Vereeniging to be presice. We have over 19 dogs ranging from big too small, young and old in these kennels.  As space is limited we do make use of other means keeping our dogs safe and have dogs in Walkerville, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Bull Terriers need strict routine and our dogs are walked daily, every morning starting at 08h00 am. During this time kennels are chemically treated and cleaned.  Hygiene is of the utmost importance.  Once all the bulls are walked breakfast is served.  Whilst the dogs settle in for the morning our dogs that require medical treatment are attended to.  Early dinner is served at 16h00 pm in the afternoons and thereafter a last medical run is done.

Pups age 0 – 6 months very rarely come to the kennels. We keep these little critters as far from the kennel environment as possible.  One, being a pup with no record of his / her history can bring unwanted illness to our older dogs in the kennels and two, the kennels can be very overwhelming for such young dogs.  We therefore place them directly into foster care where our foster give basic training and take care of the little once.  We do prefer our pups to go to their new homes at 12 weeks but sometimes placements are done as early at 7 weeks to ensure the weak pups get one-on-one attention and treatment.

You might now ask who takes care of all these dogs. During your time as a volunteer you will meet three people, Dania Skone and Claire Horne, the founding members of Adora-Bull Terrier.  They are with our dogs 24/7.  You will also get to know our chair lady Louise Brolly who is the drive force behind the rehoming team.

What will your role entail as a volunteer? 99% of our volunteers work full day, five days a week.  We therefore ask if you can and are willing to help do so but in a time frame suitable to your day to day task.

If you would like to “test” the water first, visit our page where you can get involved in the basics of being a volunteer: http://adorabullterrier.com/help-a-bull/

If you want to dig deep and really get to the core of “rescue” then read on.

We have three active teams: a rehoming team, a fundraising team and an enrichment team.

  • The rehoming team is a very small group of volunteers who is out and about most of the weekend’s travelling with dogs and doing meet and greets. To be part of this team you will work very close with Dania who is a qualified behaviourist. She will provide hands-on training and during your first couple of meet and greets you will be accompanied by Louise our chair lady or one of the other rehoming team members to make sure you on the right track.
  • The fundraising team is a group of ladies who basically arrange our events, attend stalls, launch online competitions and keep our bank account running.  This team will assist our volunteers with the means and tools to initiate from a small food drive at a company to a full 3 000 people fundraiser.
  • The enrichment team is a group of volunteers who visits the kennels based in the area near their home. Basic training is given concentrating on kennel etiquette, body language and general rescue do’s and don’ts. These volunteers visit our dogs regulary over weekends. They walk the dogs, play with them, give them treats and just spend quality time with them.

In general all our volunteers are required to do home checks, follow up on bull terriers in new homes and do vet runs when and if possible. This is very basic and when unsure training will be provided.

I hope you still reading.  If you’ve made it this far and still interested get your Volunteer Application to us.