Every day wIMG-20150814-WA0010e receive calls from people moving, who say they can’t take their Bull Terrier with, strays wandering the streets, hungry and lost.

Bull Terriers that get dropped off at the vet to be put to sleep for no specific reason. Then there are the cases with heart-breaking stories which need intense medical care and shelter to recover.

As a Sponsor, your kindness and support will make an incredible difference to how their story ends.   Your monthly contribution will provide each dog at our kennel with the warmth, safety and love that they need.  Your contribution will ensure that every dog has bedding, blankets, toys and treats to keep them happy and healthy, and not forgetting the love that they so deserve.

For just R250 a month, you can make an incredible difference.  Your sponsorship gives these Bull Terriers a second chance at happiness, which is all we can ever hope for.

We do understand that not everyone can afford R250 per month but really do want to participate and we have therefore made an additional option available.  You can also choose to sponsor an avenue at a R100 per month or a bullie’s kennel at a R150 per month over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you want to participate in our Sponsorship Program please complete the Sponsorship Form and email it to adorabullrr@gmail.com.

BANKING DETAILS                                                                                               Adorabull Terrier Rescue                                                                                       Nedbank Cheque Account                                                                                    Branch: Clearwater                                                                                                      Branch Code: 18250500                                                                               Account Number:  111 094 7801


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