Oppikoppi – 2016


Oppikoppi is a music festival held in the Limpopo Province  near the mining town of Northam.

The festival focus on anything from jazz, world music, house music, acoustic, comedy and all else in between can be heard on one of the multiple stages.

Each year on the second weekend of August thousands of people flock to the farm to camp out in the bush and enjoy the music for several days.

Boors Bornman and his wife Rolene are the organizers of this massive event but they are also the proud owners of a rescue bull terrier.  The 2016 theme of Oppikoppi was that of a bull terrier and Boors and Rolene placed banners all over the camp site and a pretty awesome amount was donated to Adora-Bull.

Thank you Oppikoppi supporters and thank you Boors and Rolene for the opportunity.


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