Sponsoring a one of our rescue Bull Terrier is as easy as counting to 3:

  1. You choose a bullie of your choice.
  2. You complete the sponsorship forms.
  3. You pay your monthly sponsorship fee.


To sponsor a Bull Terrier at Adora-Bull will cost you R250-00 a month and you have the option to choose to sponsor over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Your sponsorship monies will be allocated towards the bullie of your choice’ personal care such as leads, collars, bowls, treats etc.

During your sponsor period you will receive updates of your bullie and also be the first to be notified should he / she be adopted.  Adora-Bull Terrier also places a sponsor board on your bullies kennel.

To participate in the program or for more information please email us on: