When we rescue, rehome or take a Bull Terrier into our care, they become part of the rescue family.  Our adoption process is strict but we strive to find a perfect home, not just a home.

During the adoption process we are available at all times for advice, tips, guidance or reassurance.  By adopting a Bull Terrier with Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehab, you will become part of a huge support network and Bull Terrier family.


  • Once you have viewed our Facebook page or website, and identified a Bull Terrier that you would like, you will be required to complete an Adoption Application form. Please note that we prefer to re-home our Bull Terriers within the Gauteng region, which makes it easier for follow-up visits and assisting with any teething problems that could occur. Only in exceptional cases will we consider another province.
  • Upon our receipt of the Adoption Application form, one of our dedicated volunteers will schedule an appointment for a home check/inspection.  You will have to agree to a full property check.  Our volunteer will take you through each step and highlight the importance of this property/home check. Depending on the availability of yourself and the volunteer in your area, the home check could take place between 2 and 7 days after the application.
  • Once your application is approved, the owner of Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue and Rehab will be in direct contact with you.
  • We strongly recommend that you meet the Bull Terrier of your choice in person, if logistically possible.
  • If you own a dog(s), a meet and greet session will be conducted between the two dogs.  This is essential as we want to ensure that all four-legged household members get along.
  • Once the chosen Bull Terrier is in your possession, you will be expected to sign an Adoption Contract, which states that the relevant adopted Bull Terrier will remain the charge of the rescue for their lives. This is to protect the Bull Terrier from any unforeseen circumstances where he/she can no longer be looked after eg in cases of death, divorce, etc.
  • The adoptive family will be expected to stay in touch with the rescue organisation.  We appreciate monthly feedback and renewed pics so that we can continue to share our happy stories with our supporters.  As mentioned, once you’ve adopted one of the rescue Bull Terriers you become part of a huge network and Bull Terrier family.
  • Please note: we do not put a “hold” on a Bull Terrier.  If your application isn’t complete, is delayed or is not received in due time, he/she can be adopted by someone else.
  • Very important: We have the right to decline an adoption if we feel the overall application does not meet the Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue criteria.


Some of the questions you will be asked during the course of the process of adopting:

  • Are all your dogs on the property sterilised?
  • Do your dog’s sleep indoors and or in a safe court yard area (split property area where they are safe from cold, rain, harm or getting stolen)?
  • Is your property safe in terms of secure fencing and gates? Will the dog be able craw underneath or jump over your fencing? Will your dog be safe and secure during the day when you not at home?
  • If you have a swimming pool, is the pools covered, separated from where the dog will be during the day or will there be someone home to supervise the dog around the swimming pool?
  • Will the dog be a VALUED MEMBER OF THE FAMILY, not a guard dog, not a garden ornament but a member of who is loved and care for?
  • Which training and discipline methods do you make use of?


Adopting and going home can be overwhelmein for both human and dog.  Here is some tips to help your through the process:  I got a rescue dog.


We do not have a set adoption fee and the amount may vary from person to person but we prefer to discuss this detail in confidence with our new adoptive owners.


  • Under no circumstances will a Bull Terrier leave the rescue without being sterilised, micro chipped and vaccinated.  All cost to the rescue.
  • In the case of a Bull Terrier younger than 6 months, the adoptive family will be expected to sign a Sterilisation Contract. The Sterilisation Contract is available to view on our website.