“C L U E D O”  Care, Love, Unite, Educate, Dedicate & stop Overbreeding

Cluedo is an outreach program established in May 2017 and an initiative of Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue.

AIM: To reach out to animals in less fortunate communities in Gauteng regardless of the owners color, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or size.

MISSION: To provide if and where possible in the three basic needs of an animal – water, food and shelter. To education and training to handlers and their dogs. To provide the option to neuter and spay both cats and dogs.

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The Outreach Team operates currently in different 3 regions but only in 3 specific areas due to our limited funds.

The areas are:

  • Dogs in Vereeniging, Sebokeng – responsible persons Rochelle Dumas & Dania Skone
  • Dogs in Pretoria – responsible person Katherine Helena Miller
  • Dogs in Johannesburg, Westbury – responsible person Bernadette Gentz
  • Cats in Vaal Triangle – responsible person Milka Burger



  • Any old t-shirts expecially size L and bigger to make catios (cat shelters) for the ferals and communicty cats.
  • Any 2 or 5 litre ice cream tubs with our without lids
  • Collars and leads, any size
  • Blankets, any size
  • Water and food bowls, any size