The Bull Terrier itself is a breed in a category all by itself and for this reason we run our rescue a bit different.  We specialize in their capabilities and needs around the clock.

What makes Adora-Bull different to that of other rescues and their kennel environment?

As a rescue we constantly promote and emphasize that Bull Terriers need structure, routine and exercise.   How do we accomplish this.

For the last 4 years two ladies, founder Dania Skone and her sister, Claire Louise Horne unlock the gates at the rescue at 8am.  Every morning they walk pass each kennel to ensure that the dogs had a good night’s rest.  Once satisfied the ladies will collect their leashes and start with a very basic and standard routine – walking dogs.

Depending on the dog a walk in the meadow can take between 10 to 15min. During this time the kennel is cleaned, water bowls are washed and refilled.  Bedding gets checked and replaced.  Once all had a good long stroll breakfast is served followed by the “cookie run”.  Each and every dog receives a treat, no exceptions.  With breakfast served it’s time to attend to the old and sick.

Dania and Claire does this 7 days a week, winter, summer, hot, cold, rain or hail.  They only leave the kennels round about 10:30am,  get home, grab a cup of coffee and tackle the admin.  This involves going through adoption applications, emails,  return phone calls, Facebook messages, networking etc.

If by chance there is a Bull Terrier in rehab it means vet runs, therapy of some sort, trips up and down to the kennels to ensure he / she is coping and settling in.  Elements such as thunderstorms, an unexpected snake, a tree falling or bullie collapsing suddenly can derail an entire day’s planning.

The afternoon shift is slightly different.  At 4pm the ladies drive back to the kennels for the evening feed. Water bowls are checked, dinner is served and yes the “cookie run”.

In winter each bullie’s bedding is checked and they are dressed in winter jersey’s to ensure they are protected against the cold during the evening.  In summer the splash pools are kept full, shade nets checked and the dogs are kept hydrated.

All this gets done by two ladies and two general workers, Albert and Dongi.

Weekends are no different except we have a small rehoming team consisting of 5 trained individuals who facilitated meet and greets between dogs. This team dedicates most of their time over weekends travelling the odd distance to ensure a dog is successfully rehomed and or settled in.  No road to long or home to far.

Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehab is a breed specific rescue, specializing in the rescue, rehab and rehoming of Bull Terriers. Our dogs are our first priority and due to a very mall dedicated team including volunteers our time and resources are extremely limited at times.

We sometimes lack in a friendly smile, a tactful answer or speedy response.  We do get tired and frustrated as we are only human.  Overall we never give up on the dogs in our care; our passion exceeds our emotional exhaustion and keeps us going day after day, year after year.